Terms and Conditions

Alcohol, drugs & smoking

These rules are made for the safety of the passengers, the boat, and the crew


  • must not be carried aboard
  • consumption is at the discretion of the skipper
  • is sold aboard [also soft drinks & bottled water]


  • for recreational purpose must not be carried aboard
  • on prescription should be notified to us


  • is not allowed aboard


Bookings will be accepted for, individuals, couples, families & groups, to charter of the whole boat [up to 10 [12 by special arrangement] persons]

Persons under 18 require the permisson of their parents or guardians

All bookings, whenther by e mail, or telephone, must be confirmed by e mail

All bookings [except whole boat charters]

  • 25% deposit on booking
  • Remaining 75% 6 weeks before cruise starts

Bookings for whole boat

  • 25% deposit on booking
  • Remaining 75% 3 months before cruise starts


Booking fee becomes non refundable 8 weeks before start of cruise

We will endeavour, but are not obliged, to accommodate you on another cruise if your plans change

We reserve the right to cancel any cruise. In this case all payments will be returned, except in case of Force Majeure, or any events beyond our reasonable control

If you cancel your booking, your deposits will be forfeited


You need to be reasonably fit, agile & mobile. eg You need to be
able to ascend a 2m vertical ladder

You must advise us of any health issues that you have. eg medication that needs to be taken regularly


We hold requisite 3rd Party insurance only. You are advised to provide your own insurance


We, or the skipper aboard, reserve the right to change our itinerary at any time, for weather, or any other reasons


Our business and operation, and any disputes relating to them, are subject to Scottish Law and under the jurisdiction of Scottish Courts


Bank transfer

Credit card